Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Bilco Door systems do you have, sell and install ?


We specialize in The Bilco Company's Residential home basement entry door systems.  This includes all 9 standard sizes of Bilco systems.  4 Area-way door system sizes, and 5 Sloped Wall door system sizes. We stock the most popular units.  Obtaining a standard Primed system usually only takes a couple of days.  If not in stock when you call, a factory applied powder coated door system can be ordered, and usually within 3 weeks, the installation can begin.  Custom colors are also available from a local powder coating company, should you desire.

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Do Bilco door systems come painted ?


Bilco offers their two most popular door sizes in a pre-finished, factory applied powder coating, in 6 standard colors: Brick, Sandstone, White, Light Gray, Forest Green, and Black.  These special order colors have a lead time of 3 weeks

Are Bilco doors available in Custom Colors ?


We offer a "PREMIUM" service to all our customers to have the Bilco door system installed in any color you wish.  The systems are ordered from the factory in a Primed finish, pre-assembled for fit, disassembled again, and shipped off to a local powder coating company to be properly prepped, blasted, primed, and powder-coated.  Cost is based upon the color you choose, and the particular system your home requires.